ADC exists to create original branded content,  fine artwork, and uniquely designed furniture.  Inherent to this philosophy is taking the time to do things correctly, leaving room to have a second thought,  a moment of creative inspiration, and to consider a larger picture.   

Do it correctly,  as needed, on time, and for lasting effect.  



Anvil Design by Keith Ogren



     Keith is a digital media veteran, an artist, and industrial designer who was raised in Olympia, Washington.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media from The Evergreen State College in 2001.  He began his creative career at the age of five compulsively drawing buses.

     Keith spent thirteen years in Los Angeles working for network television as a creative lead, motion graphic artist, producer, designer, and art director.  At the same time, he continued his passion for fine art and industrial design.  Keith now spends as much free time as he can camping, hiking, fishing, biking, and attempting to surf.  He moved to San Luis Obispo two years ago with his wife, Jennifer, and their dog, Musso.